What if my car is damaged during transportation?

Posted on: 2023.02.22

In-car shipping, this document will have a schematic of the vehicle, terms and conditions, and signature lines for both the driver and the customer. They fill it out together at the time the car is picked up. The driver is trained to inspect the car meticulously in order to find any pre-existing damages or issues with the car and mark them on the BOL. Both customer and driver should only sign when they are satisfied that everything has been accounted for and they have agreed on the condition of the car. We also refer to it more cordially as a Condition Report for this reason.

It may seem like the driver is being an overachiever trying to find every little scratch or blemish on your car. Some customers, especially ones with a passion for their car, have even been known to feel offended by this inspection. Don’t take it personally! The driver is being thorough because, in the event of a damaged, they will be held responsible and could lose their job.

This is the part of a car shipping transaction that most people rush through and end up making a huge mistake. After your car has been shipped on a tractor-trailer for hundreds of miles, take 5 minutes to walk around the car with the driver to notate any new dings, dents, or scratches on the BOL in the note section before you sign. This will give you legal documentation that there was a problem during transit and damage occurred. 9 times out of 10 the carrier will go ahead and pay the claim out of pocket as soon as possible in order to avoid an insurance claim, and you’ll be good to go.



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