Which auto transport trailer is right for you?

I’m not moving my car too far

If you’re just moving one car across town or within the same state, a trailer that transports one to six vehicles is a great option for shipping your car. These open, single-level trailers are typically towed behind a pickup or dually truck (a pickup with an extra set of rear wheels) — similar to a tow truck. Since the vehicle is exposed and low to the ground, they are most appropriate for shorter distance trips.  

I have a luxury or collector’s car

Assuming you want to protect your collector, vintage, or luxury vehicle at all costs, an enclosed trailer is recommended. There are two types: hard-sided and soft-sided. They both offer a higher level of protection than an open trailer, as your prized possession is sheltered from the weather, road debris, and rare occurrences of theft during travel and any stops taken along the way. 

I’m transporting an RV or other large vehicle

RVs, monster trucks, and other large or specialty vehicles are usually transported the same way as a car, on an open, single-level trailer. There are exceptions, so be sure to look for a transporter that understands the tools, equipment, and expertise required to move a recreational vehicle. 

I need to move multiple vehicles

If you have two or more vehicles, it makes sense to move them in the same shipment and take advantage of multi-car discounts. Do you also want to make sure they aren’t exposed to inclement weather, dirt, dust, or prying eyes? If yes, then an enclosed, multi-level, multi-vehicle trailer is an ideal option. It can move several vehicles at once while offering some protection from damage. An open, multi-level, multi-vehicle trailer is also a reliable and affordable option. 

I’m shipping a car that doesn’t run

Are you donating an inoperable vehicle or perhaps shipping it to a specialized mechanic for repair? The trailer isn’t as critical as the expertise of the person moving it. If a car can’t be driven on and off a transport truck, then the trucker must push or winch the vehicle onto the truck.
The inoperable vehicle must also be at a location accessible to a large truck. If the truck cannot maneuver to the car, then you will need to bring the vehicle to a more trucker-friendly location. Not all transport trucks can accommodate inoperable vehicles, so pickup may take longer. 

I need my car shipped quickly

Expedited shipping is more expensive, no matter what type of trailer you use. A multi-vehicle transport trailer will most likely make multiple stops and may not work for your deadline. The most common type of trailer will be one that transports one to three cars at a time. With this type of solution, you will not have to wait long for the driver to fill the trailer and can get on the road faster. 

I want to save money and am flexible

If you’re not on a tight time frame, the most cost-effective solution is an open, multi-level, multi-vehicle trailer towed behind a semi-truck. Transport may take longer since this solution requires more time to fill up the trailer and deliver all vehicles to their respective destinations. However, because there are numerous cars on the open trailer, you will generally pay less.